Administrative Services

Mission and Goals

Provide the administrative support essential for the Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) to effectively accomplish the department’s mission and to operate within the requirements set forth by the Governor and its respective control agencies and the Legislature.

Procurement and Contract Services

The HCAI Contract Services Unit prepares several hundred contracts a year for services, student placements and grants needed by HCAI programs. The Contracts Office is the sole contact for processing contracts with the Department of General Services Legal Office.

For information on how to contract for services with the State of California, see the Procurement Division of the Department of General Services.

Small Business/Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Advocate

It is with diligence and commitment that the Department of Health Care Access and Information’s (HCAI) Procurement and Contract Services Unit solicit partnership with the Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (SB/DVBE) community. We strive to meet or exceed the percentages as defined by the Governor’s Executive Order S-02-06 (Small Business) and D-43-01 (Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise). It is HCAI’s SB/DVBE Advocate’s responsibility to promote and encourage that all contracts/procurement processes be subjected to utilizing these programs when possible to ensure economic growth for the SB/DVBE communities and the State of California.

Fiscal Services

The HCAI Fiscal Services performs the following activities:

  • Accounting Services – responsible for establishment, maintenance and reconciliation of General, Federal and Special fund appropriations. Responsible for the areas of accounts payable, cash receipts, accounts receivable, payroll distribution, travel claims (CalAters), revolving fund and general ledger. Responsible for labor cost adjustments and table maintenance. Responsible for the distribution of CALSTARS management reports; preparation of Plans of Financial Adjustment; and preparation and submission of reports and claims to the federal government. Preparation and submission of year-end financial statements and reports.
  • Budget Services Unit – development and presentation of HCAI’s budget and federal grant applications; monitor performance, appropriateness and necessity of program expenditures; ensure HCAI’s fiscal integrity is maintained; and preparation of legislative fiscal analyses and budget change proposals.