Hospital Inspection Services and Certification

General Information

OSHPD’s Inspection Services Unit is responsible for:

  •  Hospital Inspector Certification Program – testing, certification, and recertification of private-sector construction inspectors.
  • Construction Observation Bulletins – bulletins regarding statewide construction issues.
  • Technical oversight of work performed by State and certified private-sector hospital construction inspectors.
  • Development and administration of programs, policies and regulations related to health facility construction inspection and HCAI field safety.
  • Technical leadership, training, and quality control/quality assurance of HCAI field staff.

Construction Observation Bulletins


  • Identify common concerns with hospital construction
  • Bring awareness of specific concerns in hospital construction
  • Provide information for Owners, Contractors, Design Professionals, IORs, Special Inspectors, Testing Laboratories, and HCAI-FDD Staff

 COB Number & Subject

COB 01-28-15* – ASC Pacific 3WH & 3WHF Metal Deck
COB 06-03-13* – Non-Approved Construction Documents

*Indicates the COB was revised

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