Small and Rural Hospital Relief Program (SRHRP)

SRHRP Grant Application

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The Small and Rural Hospital Relief Program (SRHRP) provides grants to qualified small, rural and Critical Access hospitals for the purpose of funding seismic safety compliance projects.  The Alfred E. Alquist Hospital Facilities Seismic Safety Act (Health and Safety Code (HSC) Section 129675) requires that hospitals be constructed to remain open and safely provide services to the public after an earthquake.  The SRHRP supports qualified small, rural and Critical Access hospitals by providing state grant funding and technical assistance to help meet safety standards and preserve access to general acute care for the communities they serve.  Ten percent of the funds from the California Electronic Cigarette Excise Tax will be allocated to the Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) to operate the SRHRP (HSC Section 130075).

SRHRP encourages applicants where seismic safety impose significant financial burden that may result in closure of the facilities and the closure described above would substantially impact the accessibility to health care in the communities surrounding the hospital.  SRHRP would focus on Applicants who operate in Medically Underserved Areas and/or Medically Underserved Populations and/or Health Professional Shortage Areas as defined by Medical Service Study Areas.  The Applicants are expected to remain financially viable during and after the foreseeable future of the proposed seismic safety compliance related project.  Priority will be given to applicants who are able to demonstrate its ability to complete the proposed project with the SRHRP Grants and other available funds, loans, and grants. 

Program Information

Eligible Hospitals

Hospitals that meet any of the following criteria are eligible for the SRHRP:

  • Small hospitals defined as having fewer than 50 licensed general acute care beds
  • Rural hospitals defined as having a Rural or Frontier designation status in the Medical Service Study Area.
  • Critical Access Hospitals are those possessing this designation from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Grant funding will be awarded to eligible facilities based on cost-efficient project readiness, community need and financial status.

Seismic Compliance Plans

Hospitals will need to submit a seismic compliance plan as outlined in the HCAI Policy Intent Notice #71. Apply through HCAI’s eServices Portal using SRHRP Eligibility Tool to confirm eligibility and receive technical assistance from OSHPD’s Seismic Compliance Unit.

Funding Amounts

The funding amount is determined by the amount of excise taxes collected from the sale of electronic cigarettes. Current projections are $2-3 million annually will be available to distribute.

Funding Areas

Grant awards can be applied towards initial seismic evaluations, design planning, or construction to meet seismic compliance.

Grant Applications Open

Grant applications are being accepted in the second quarter of 2023.

Application Deadline

Applications will be continuously accepted, and awards will be ranked by eligibility and project readiness, issued quarterly, based on available funding.

Application Tracking

You can check the status of your application any time after submission by logging into HCAI Funding Portal.  As funding becomes available and awards are given, recipients will be sent an award letter detailing next steps.


For more information, please contact the Small and Rural Hospital Relief Program at or (916) 319-8800.