Patient-level administrative data abstracted from individual patient records and facility-level utilization data on healthcare services from hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Patient-Level Administrative Data

HCAI has been collecting inpatient discharges since 1983 – and emergency department and ambulatory surgery encounters, from both hospital-based ambulatory surgery centers and licensed freestanding ambulatory surgery clinics, since 2005.

Facilities submit abstracted information from individual patient records that include data such as the patient’s address, birthdate, preferred language, diagnoses, treatments/procedures, total charges, and expected source of payment. To protect individual patient confidentiality, any publicly available data products contain only aggregate data.

Facility Utilization Data

The Annual Utilization Reports are filed annually by Hospitals, Long-term Care facilities, Primary Care Clinics, Specialty Clinics, and Home Health Agencies and Hospices. Each facility report type is unique based on the characteristics of the facility type. Data may contain license beds and occupancy data, patient demographics, payor data, income statement, major capital expenditures, etc. Individual facility utilization reports are available from 2002 to current reporting year.