21st Century Nursing, Certified Nursing Assistant, and Home and Community Based Services

21st Century Nursing

The overall well-being of California’s nursing workforce currently faces many challenges including shortages, attrition, and residual impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2022 Health and Human Service Budget Act Workforce Package designated $220M with the goal of addressing the largest issues facing our nursing workforce and supporting the development of that workforce in a way that meets California’s health care needs.  

With the 21st Century Nursing initiative, HCAI will develop and implement a funding structure for three years in order to support the state’s nursing workforce in the long run. The goal is to grow, develop, and maintain the nursing population for the purposes of a healthy, diverse, and highly qualified nursing workforce that optimizes health and health equity for all people in California.  


Key Messages of the Report – The Future of Nursing – NCBI Bookshelf

External Opportunities

RFP No. DCA 22-01, Licensing Application Processing Services: The California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) is requesting proposals from entities to process licensing applications, improve initial application review processes, reduce licensing issuance timelines and create a sustainable application processing model. DCA provides oversight to 36 professional licensing entities, including 19 healing arts boards. The healing art boards regulate and license a variety of health care professions, including nurses, vocational nurses, and physicians, throughout the State. This RFP closed in May 2023.

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Certified Nursing Assistant, Home and Community Based Services (CNA, HCBS)

As populations of seniors, people with disabilities, and children with complex care needs grow, the need for healthcare services provided in homes and home-like settings will continue to expand. However, the workforce serving in these settings currently faces challenges surrounding recruitment and retention that have only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to meet current and future needs, the Certified Nursing Assistant and Home and Community Based Services Initiative supports a variety of programs designed to increase the number of nursing care providers and home health aides working in home and community-based services settings. 

Caring4Cal Program

HCAI has contracted with Cell-Ed to administer the Caring4Cal program. The Caring4Cal fund will award approximately $25 million in grants to support programs that expand, enhance, and strengthen the workforce of California’s HCBS providers. Programs selected for funding will enhance providers’ caregiving skills, contentment, job stability, and opportunities for career progression.

The Caring4Cal program will target the recruitment and training of eligible workers providing services in In-Home and Community Based settings in California. Providers will have the ability to earn incentives for completing courses, entering the profession, and staying in the profession.

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