Health Workforce Pilot Projects Program

The HWPP Program allows organizations to test, demonstrate, and evaluate new or expanded roles for healthcare professionals, or new healthcare delivery alternatives before changes in licensing laws are made by the Legislature. Various organizations use HWPP to study the potential expansion of a profession’s scope of practice to:

  • Facilitate better access to healthcare
  • Expand and encourage workforce development
  • Demonstrate, test and evaluate new or expanded roles for healthcare professionals or new healthcare delivery alternatives
  • Help inform the Legislature when considering changes to existing legislation in the Business and Professions code

Regulations & Statutes

  • California Codes Health and Safety Code Section 128125-128195 establishes the HWPP Program
  • California Code of Regulations Section 92001-92702 provides the definitions and criteria for administering the HWPP Program

Program Documents

Current Projects

#173 Community Paramedicine

#172 Allied Dental

Archived Projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Health Workforce Pilot Project Program?

HWPP is a program that supports the piloting of healthcare delivery concepts. It provides the opportunity for healthcare related organizations to demonstrate, test, and evaluate new or expanded roles for healthcare professionals. by providing the legal framework for the demonstration of new ideas.

What types of projects does the state pilot?

The healthcare industry is invited to think about innovations in the role of the health care worker (personnel) with the changing mode of health care delivery. The pilot projects may involve expanding the scope of practice for licensed health professionals for:

  • The role of medical auxiliaries
  • The role of nursing
  • The role of dental auxiliaries
  • The role of maternal child care personnel
  • The role of pharmacy personnel
  • The role of mental health personnel
  • And other healthcare personnel (ex. chiropractic, podiatric, geriatric, therapy personnel, veterinary, and the healthcare technician.)

What skills are expanded or developed?

The pilot project may involve teaching new skills to existing categories of health care personnel, developing new categories of health care personnel, accelerating the training of existing categories of health care personnel, and teaching new health care roles to previously untrained persons.

Example: The Dental Hygiene Access to Care Project’s. The goal of the pilot project was to determine whether registered dental hygienists could provide care safely and effectively in an independent practice setting. In 1997, the Dental Practice Act was amended to establish a Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice as a new category of dental auxiliary.

What are the outcomes of the pilot projects and/or what happens next?

The HWPP program monitors the program in progress, collects and analyzes data generated by pilot projects, and develops a report with conclusions and sometimes recommendations regarding changing the laws that affect the specific health profession to reflect the pilot project concept. A closing report is provided to the Legislature upon request.

Who may apply?

Non-profit education institutions, community hospitals, clinics, and governmental agencies engaged in health or education activities may apply to HWPP program.

How do institutions/agencies apply to the HWPP program?

The HWPP program will provide an application and indicate the time frame and steps involved in considering the project proposal.

What type of funding is available to support the project? How much is available thru HWPP program?

The HWPP program does not have or provide funding to pilot project applicants. The applicants must seek their own funding and as part of the application demonstrate and indicate the funding required for piloting the project and the funding source.

Are all HWPP applications approved?

No. The HWPP program review applications for appropriateness and completeness as required in the regulations. If the application meets the requirements as set forth in regulations, various healing arts boards and related health professions organizations will review the application. The Director will consider recommendations submitted to him by the HWPP, which include a summary of the discussions from the public review of application-public meeting or public hearing-and the recommendations submitted by the healing arts boards and related health professions organizations.

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