Application Process for the Seismic Compliance Unit

Do not create a project in eSP.  Follow the instructions below to submit an Application for New Project (OSH-FD-121) and any supporting documents to the Seismic Compliance Unit. Once we receive your submittal a project will be created for you.


  • The Seismic Compliance Unit does not review projects that involve any construction. Such reviews are performed by the appropriate region of the Building Safety Section of HCAI/FDD. To submit projects that involve construction, please use the eServices Portal.
  • The Seismic Compliance Unit (SCU) encourages submittals to be in an electronic format such as Adobe PDF, and submitted via email, CD or USB drive.
  • Oversized electronic documents that are too large for email, CD or USB may be uploaded using our FTP site, Request an FTP link.

Submittal Package Requirements

  1. Include a Letter of Transmittal for each submittal.
  2. All new project submittals should include:
    • Application for New Project (OSH-FD-121): Please include email addresses for all facility contacts and professionals. Also, remove the Application Instructions from the end of your application prior to submittal.
  3. Use one application per HCAI building:
    • Exception: If requesting an NPC-2 Upgrade multiple buildings are allowed on a single application.
  4. Additional documents, if applicable:
  5. Supporting documents:
    • Each supporting document should be in a separate PDF file according to Document Type (see the Document Submittal Format table below).
    • Include the facility name and HCAI five-digit facility ID number on all supporting documents.
    • HCAI Approved reference plans and as-built drawings should be in separate PDF files according to HCAI project number.
    • Include the HCAI project number on all plan sets and drawings.
    • If you have several applications (one per building) for the same project type, you do not need to submit a separate set of supporting documents for each application. You may submit a single set of supporting documents for all applications.
  6. After you receive a project number from the Seismic Compliance Unit (project numbers are prefixed by SRU, SER, SEN, SES, and G), please include that project number on all supporting documents that you submit for back check.

Document Submittal Format for Seismic Compliance

Professional Stamps and Signatures as required per:

  • California Administrative Code, Section 7-115
  • California Administrative Code, Section 7-111

Electronic documents must be in PDF format with proper naming conventions in accordance with the following:

¹Project number prefix’s (SRU, SER, SEN, SES, and G) vary based on the type of submittal


  • Substitute YYYYMMDD for YearMonthDay
  • Substitute FACNO with HCAI five-digit facility ID number
  • Substitute BLD0#### with the HCAI five-digit building number
  • Use BLDMULTI where multiple buildings are involved

For questions or comments related to the Application Process for the Seismic Compliance Unit, please eMail the Seismic Compliance Unit.