To advance healthcare cost transparency, HCAI collects detailed quarterly and annual financial information from California hospitals. HCAI leverages this information to create data products that are useful in assessing the financial status and service volume of the hospitals.

The Hospital Financial Data Interactive Series set of visualizations was created to summarize data from the financial reports (either statewide or by individual facility) in an easy-to-use manner. Specific topics covered by the series include popular items such as operating margin, net revenue, operating expense, uncompensated care costs, bed counts, discharges, and staffing hours. Users can quickly view annual information for selected facilities using these customizable visualizations.

The individual facility financial reports, full dataset with all hospitals, and other hospital financial data products are available on the HCAI Hospital Financials webpage.

Hospital Financials

Visualizations on net revenue and operating expenses, operating margins, uncompensated care costs and other financial information on…

Hospital Utilization

Visualizations on bed counts, discharges, staffing hours and other utilization information on California hospitals.

Hospital Average Cost and Profitability Delivering Patient Care

Visualizations on gross and net patient revenue, and operating expenses, income and revenue from California hospitals, presented as…

About the Visualizations

Each set of visualizations are based on the HCAI Hospital Annual Financial Data: Selected Data files, which are focused on popular and commonly used items. Currently, the visualizations specifically include comparable hospitals only; Kaiser, state and psychiatric health facilities submit data differently than other hospitals and are not included. Per SB 343, Kaiser Permanente will be required to report future financial information by individual facility, similar to other hospital systems. Later years will incorporate this change.