The Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) is pleased to announce the Data Analytics Public Reporting Plan for 2024, which is a list of the analytics products HCAI plans to publish. The table below lists the measure, topic area, and the quarter which HCAI is projecting product release.

HCAI Topic AreaMeasure2024 End Date
Healthcare QualityElective Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) Program Reports, 2023Q1 2024
Healthcare QualityHospital Performance Ratings SummaryQ1 2024
Healthcare WorkforceLanguages Spoken by Patients and Hospital-based Providers in CaliforniaQ2 2024
Healthcare UtilizationInpatient Hospitalizations and Emergency Department Visits for Patients with a Behavioral Health Diagnosis in California: Patient DemographicsQ2 2024
Cost TransparencyNet Patient Revenue, Discharges, and Outpatient Visits by Payer and Facility, 2019Q2 2024
Cost TransparencyHealthcare Payments Data (HPD) Data Snapshot Q3 2024
Healthcare UtilizationInpatient Hospitalizations and Emergency Department Visits for Persons Experiencing Homelessness in California: Patient Demographics By FacilityQ2 2024
Healthcare UtilizationCalifornia Diagnostic Catheterization Volume and Sociodemographic ComparisonsQ2 2024
Healthcare WorkforcePhysician Supply and Preventable Hospitalizations by CountyQ2 2024
Healthcare QualityCalifornia Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) Outcomes Report, 2022Q2 2024
Healthcare QualityInpatient Mortality IndicatorsQ2 2024
Healthcare UtilizationPreferred Languages Spoken in California FacilitiesQ3 2024
Cost TransparencyHealthcare Payments Data (HPD) – Health Conditions, Demographics, Utilization MeasureQ3 2024
Healthcare QualityEffects of COVID-19 on Hospital Utilization TrendsQ3 2024
Healthcare Quality/ Healthcare Utilization 2023 Patient Discharge, Emergency Department, and Ambulatory Surgery DataQ3 2024
Cost TransparencyWholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) Increase Report Data – CumulativeQ3 2024
Cost TransparencyWholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) Increase Report Data – Current YearQ3 2024
Cost TransparencyPrescription Drugs Introduced to MarketQ3 2024
Healthcare QualityMental and Behavioral Health Diagnoses in Emergency Department and Inpatient Discharges by Healthy Places Index RankingQ3 2024
Healthcare QualityCoronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG): Hospital Performance Ratings, 2022Q3 2024
Healthcare QualityCalifornia Postoperative Sepsis Outcomes for Inpatient Elective SurgeriesQ3 2024
Healthcare UtilizationAlcohol-Related Emergency Department Encounters in CaliforniaQ3 2024
Healthcare WorkforceCalifornia’s Registered Nurse Education PathwaysQ4 2024
Healthcare WorkforceRace & Ethnicity of California’s Health WorkforceQ4 2024
Healthcare WorkforceCensus Languages Spoken by California’s Health Workforce Q4 2024
Healthcare WorkforceCalifornia’s Health Workforce Education PathwaysQ4 2024
Healthcare QualitySocial Drivers of Health (SDoH) and Preventable Hospitalization RatesQ4 2024
Cost TransparencyWholesale Acquisition Cost Trends for Prescription Drugs and Their Therapeutic EquivalentsQ4 2024
Healthcare QualityMaternity Care Honor Roll, 2024Q4 2024
Healthcare QualityPediatric Quality Indicators (PDIs)- Area Level 14 Asthma Admission Rate, 16 Gastroenteritis Admission Rate, 18 Urinary Tract Infection Admission Rate, 90 Pediatric Quality Overall Composite (area level)Q4 2024
Healthcare QualityHospitalizations for Severe Sepsis in CaliforniaQ4 2024
Healthcare UtilizationFacility Patient Flow: Where Did Patients Come From, How Long Did They Stay and Where Did They Go?Q4 2024
Healthcare UtilizationEmergency Department Volume and Capacity by Facility, Health Category and Health Professional Shortage AreaQ4 2024
Healthcare UtilizationAll-Cause Unplanned 30-Day Hospital Readmission Rate, California – Let’s Get Healthy California (LGHC Indicator)Q4 2024
Healthcare QualityAgency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) utilizations (IQI 21, IQI 22, and IQI33)Q4 2024

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