On a quarterly basis (every three months), emergency departments submit abstracted information from individual patient records which include data on the patient’s ZIP code, birthdate, preferred language, service date, diagnoses, external cause of injury/morbidity, treatments/procedures, and expected source of payment. To protect individual patient confidentiality, data are aggregated into data products which are available on an annual basis.

Available Data Products

County Frequencies by Patient County of Residence

Summary data based upon the Patient’s County of Residence. The summary data includes discharge disposition, expected payer, sex and race group.

CPT Procedure Code Frequencies

The statewide counts for each Current Procedural Terminology Code is displayed as Total, Principal, and Secondary Codes.

Encounters by Facility

A listing, by hospital, of the number of ED encounters. Includes both ED encounters and admissions through the Emergency Department.

ICD-9/ICD-10-CM Code Frequencies – Diagnosis Codes

The statewide counts of each Diagnosis Code is displayed as Total, Principal, and Secondary Codes.

ICD-9/ICD-10-CM Code Frequencies – External Cause of Injury/Morbidity Codes

The statewide counts of each External Cause of Injury/Morbidity Code is displayed as Total, Principal, and Secondary Codes.

Patient Origin/Market Share Pivot Table

This product contains the Patient Origin and Market Share Pivot Tables. These pivot tables identify where in the state (specified by ZIP Code) patients come from for treatment at a selected hospital, as well as the hospitals that patients from a selected ZIP Code or county go to for treatment.

Pivot Profile

This pivot profile was developed using the emergency department data file and the inpatient discharge data file (for admissions originating in the emergency department) aggregated at the hospital level.  The summary data include number of visits, expected payer, discharge disposition, age groups, sex, preferred language spoken, race groups, principal diagnosis groups, and principal external cause of injury/morbidity groups. The data can also be summarized statewide or for a specific hospital county, ED service level, teaching/rural status, and/or type of control.

Facility Summary Reports

These reports display summarized patient-level administrative data reported by individual facilities.  There are separate reports for Ambulatory Surgery, Emergency Department, and Hospital Inpatient data.  Each Summary Report presents an overview of reported data by data element and other groupings, such as patient demographics, type of admission, patient disposition, and payer source.  These reports provide a unique snapshot of facility data on a reporting period basis, grouped by calendar year.  Data for each report period is made available in a Summary Report within 14 days of that data being approved by the department.

The Facility Summary Reports may be accessed from the HCAI Report Center by selecting “Facility Summary Reports” from the first drop down, then select the type of report from the second drop down.