Medgas and Certifications

Will you please define “Qualified IOR”? Would a Class A IOR without the ASSE 6020 cert be considered qualified?

No… an A cert by itself does not satisfy the requirement unless the RCO is given written justification. See Tip of the Day # 62

Is a Class A IOR considered a qualified IOR for pressure test and “inspection”?  What if we use a Class C

Class C IOR with medgas credentials are able to provide the inspections of medgas systems. See Tip of the Day # 62

NITC is the only agency accepted by HCAi to certify medical gas inspectors?

For IOR Class C, CAC 7-203(c), NITC 6020 is required. See Tip of the Day # 62

If you are an A-licensed IOR and you plan to get the ASSE 6020 certification, is there a specific organization that needs to issue the

NFPA 99, See Tip of the Day # 62

Do Inspectors need to be NITC certified or are other ASSE 6020 certification programs acceptable?

NITC is required for Class C IOR Certification.

Change of Professional Process on eSP

Please clarify for the group for IORs. The IOR Replacements must have the documents uploaded and you must contact the RCO for processing.

See Tip of the Day# 72

What happens if someone has been fired and cannot sign a final VCR? 

The owner can write a letter.  CAC 7-152(a)2C, Exception C

Special Inspections Reports, VCR, and Admin

Is there any scenario where the special inspector is expected to issue a VCR every day that they visit the project?

Yes, when the specific individual might not return to the project site.

On a large project with different special inspectors that might be dispatched to a project, does the DPOR need to approve all Special Inspectors prior to performing the inspection?  If approval is needed, what process does HCAI recommend to document the DPOR approval of the Special Inspectors?

Any project, no matter the size requires to have special inspector approval prior to the performance.  The DPOR needs to send to HCAi the valid certifications and if there are any changes it needs to be documented in the TIO. See Tip of the Day #76

For the changes to the TIO, do you delta every single line? or just the page? for instance, the first delta is usually adding all the responsible parties which is every line. 

Only put delta next to the item(s) that have changed in the TIO program.  Also, provide a summary of the change(s) in Section J of the 2019 and 2022 TIO forms.

so we still delta the change but no clouds. correct? 

Yes, only put delta next to the item(s) that have changed in the TIO program.  Also, provide a summary of the change(s) in Section J of the 2019 and 2022 TIO forms.

or only write the change in section J and no clouds or delta on the document? 

Only put delta next to the item(s) that have changed in the TIO program.  Also, provide a summary of the change(s) in Section J of the 2019 and 2022 TIO forms.

What do I do if I can’t get a VCR from the special inspector(s)?

Ideally, the special inspector provides VCR after performing a special inspection, CAC 7-151.  If the special inspector is from an approved agency, then you can get the VCR from the agency.  If it is a stand-alone/individual you can get a letter from the owner per CAC 7-152(a)2c exception 2c.

Do I have to provide VCRs not identified on the TIO, for professionals if the OSHPD Field Staff requires them?

NO…unless the TIO needs to be corrected.  If the HCAI field staff requires TIO to be updated then VCRs are required.

A special inspector may in some cases not be providing a VCR unless it is a milestone. Please clarify

A VCR is to be issued, either at a Milestone or Final VCR for project completion.

How do we handle field staff when there are no listed milestones in section F? Will they still be asking for VCRs from the special inspector?

If there is no project milestone(s) then a Final VCR is required for project completion.

In the past OSHPD/HCAi reviewed and stamped Project Specifications as well as the drawings.  I have been advised they no longer do.  Therefore, can the approved project submittals now take precedence over Specifications?  Is an RFI necessary in the event the engineer-approved submittal differs from what is called out in the Project Specifications?  I want ISU to cover the hierarchy/importance level of Submittals vs Project Specifications vs Approved Plans?

Specs are part of construction documents.  HCAi does not review submittal.

Who chooses the milestones?  The DPOR or the CO?  Many COs direct us to modify or add milestones.  We frequently disagree but go along as directed by the CO.   If this could be addressed in a future discussion, I would appreciate it.

DPOR who should work with the Owner and contractor.  HCAi does not direct milestones

When the IOR performs special inspections, they must prepare a Special Inspection report that is separate from the IOR’s daily report.

Noted and ISU is in agreement, Yes, the Special Inspection Report requirements are per CBC 1704A.2.4 and the IOR’s daily reporting requirement is per CAC 7-145.


Can you give examples of what types of MoPs will need to be reviewed by OSHPD?

any MOP that includes designed modifications associated with the building or its system as part of the MOP. Many MOPs do not include this type of work or have been already included in the OSHPD-approved plans.

I’m doing a pharmacy remodel based on the 2010 CBC. Do these new pharmacy requirements take effect immediately for this project or does the design stay in 2010 requirements?

Under which code there is the permit? if it is 2010, then 2010 is the code to follow. The project needs to follow the approved construction document (and CAN 1.0)

Can the IOR be hired by a vendor, in cases where the Hospital wants a “turnkey” service?

Per CAC 7-144(a) Hospital employs the IOR