Inspector Information for Owners and Designers


All hospital construction work shall be continuously inspected by a certified hospital inspector approved by the architect and engineer in responsible charge, and by HCAI.

The hospital governing board or authority shall provide for competent, adequate and continuous inspection by one or more Hospital Inspectors of Record (IORs) satisfactory to the architect or structural engineer or both, in responsible charge of the work, and HCAI. HCAI approval of proposed IORs shall be obtained for each specific project, or portion thereof, prior to commencement of construction in accordance with Title 24, Part 1, Section 7-135. The proposed inspector(s) must be appropriately certified by HCAI in one of three classifications of inspection.

Certified Inspection Classifications

Class A

Hospital Inspector may inspect all phases of construction, including architectural, mechanical, electrical, fire and life safety, and structural elements.

NOTE: this class includes major structural construction.

Class B

Hospital Inspector may inspect only the following phases of construction: architectural, mechanical, electrical, fire and life safety, and anchorage of non-structural elements.

Class C

Hospital Inspector may inspect one or more areas of construction specifically, but may not inspect the complete scope of construction authorized for Class “A” or Class “B” inspectors.

Essential Guidelines

  • Retain an inspector with knowledge and experience appropriate to the nature of the proposed construction.
  • Architect(s) and/or Engineer(s) in charge of the project must carefully evaluate proposed inspector(s).
  • An inspector may work on more than one small project at a time; therefore, it is also important to evaluate the inspector′s time commitment to the project. Large projects may require the employment of more than one inspector.

CA Admin Code (CAC)

Excerpts from the California Administrative Code (CAC). These excerpts define the Health Facility′s responsibility to provide construction inspection by certified HCAI inspectors