Healthcare Workforce Data

The Healthcare Workforce Clearinghouse serves as the central source for collection, analysis, and distribution of information on the healthcare workforce employment and educational data trends for the state.

Healthcare Workforce Datasets

Annual Report to the Legislature

This report highlights:

  • HCAI’s healthcare workforce supply, demand, and education data that support the Clearinghouse.
  • Clearinghouse data that HCAI contributes to California Health and Human Services Agency’s (CHHS) Open Data Portal.
  • HCAI’s California Primary Care Needs Assessment, which identifies workforce shortage areas in California.

About the Healthcare Workforce Clearinghouse

The Healthcare Workforce Clearinghouse was established in 2007 under Senate Bill 139 (Scott, Chapter 522, Statutes of 2007). The Clearinghouse is administrated by HCAI’s Healthcare Workforce Development Division (HWDD) to collect, analyze, and publish information on the educational and employment trends for healthcare occupations in the state. Funded by the California Health Data and Planning Fund, HWDD works with the state health licensing authorities, Employment Development Department’s Labor Market Information Division, and state higher education entities to collect supply, demand and education data.

Design and development of the Clearinghouse was aided by a 35-member Advisory Team that was created to assist HCAI in the development of a user-friendly, comprehensive, and functional data warehouse infrastructure. The Advisory Team helps identify potential users of the Clearinghouse and formulate potential workforce and education partnerships to facilitate data collection and distribution activities.

HCAI also facilitated five focus group sessions, which was funded by The California Endowment. Each focus group accommodated 30 – 40 stakeholder participants who identified California’s healthcare workforce and education issues, trends and policy needs. Participants also provided information related to supply, current and forecasted demand, geographical distribution and diversity of healthcare workers, and the educational capacity to produce trained, certified, and licensed healthcare workers.

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