Patient-level administrative data abstracted from individual patient records and facility-level utilization data on healthcare services from hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Patient-Level Administrative Data

HCAI has been collecting inpatient discharges since 1983 – and emergency department and ambulatory surgery encounters, from both hospital-based ambulatory surgery centers and licensed freestanding ambulatory surgery clinics, since 2005.

Facilities submit abstracted information from individual patient records that include data such as the patient’s ZIP code, birthdate, preferred language, diagnoses, treatments/procedures, total charges, and expected source of payment. To protect individual patient confidentiality, any publicly available data products contain only aggregate data.

New Data to be Included

California’s growing health care needs require enhancement of data collected, as well as further alignment with national standards. HCAI is proposing to amend its regulations to make reporting requirement changes that will take effect with 2023 discharges and encounters. To develop these regulations, HCAI conducted various forms of stakeholder outreach over the last year, including surveys and focus groups. The Proposed regulations are currently in public comment period. For more details, please visit the Laws and Regulations site and review the HCAI Fact Sheet.

Inpatient Discharges

Learn more about inpatient hospitalizations in California hospitals.

Emergency Department Encounters

Learn more about emergency department encounters in California hospitals.

Ambulatory Surgery Encounters

Learn more about ambulatory surgery encounters in California hospitals and California-licensed freestanding ambulatory surgery centers.

Facility Utilization Data

Hospital Utilization

Learn more about utilization in California hospitals.

Long-Term Care Utilization

Learn more about utilization in California freestanding long-term care facilities.

Clinic Utilization

Learn more about utilization in California-licensed primary care clinics and specialty clinics.

Home Health and Hospice Utilization

Learn more about services provided and patients served by California home health agencies and hospices.