OSHPD Preapproved Details (OPD)

The OSHPD Preapproved Details (OPD) are preapproved standard architectural and engineering details developed by HCAI/OSHPD for use in California healthcare facility construction. The use of pre-approved details is at the discretion of the registered design professional(s) listed on the HCAI plan review application or the HCAI building permit application.

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If you have questions regarding the OPD program please send an email to OPD@hcai.ca.gov

List of OPD by Certification Number

Valid for Projects Based on Any Code

OSHPD Preapproved Details (OPD) NumberDescriptionComments
OPD-0001-132013 Standard Partition Wall DetailsSee Attachment
OPD-0002-132013 CBC Standard Suspended Ceiling DetailsSee Attachment
OPD-0003-132013 CBC Standard Gypsum Board Ceiling DetailsSee Attachment
OPD-0091-222022 CBC Fire-Resistive Standard DetailsSee Attachment


If you would like to request accessible versions of Preapproval documents please email the FDD Webmaster.