OSHPD Preapproved Prefabricated Components and Systems (PCS)

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The OSHPD Preapproved Prefabricated Components and Systems (PCS) is a voluntary program for review and preapproval of prefabricated components and systems used in California healthcare facility construction. This will streamline the review process for components and systems as there will be multiple disciplines that are preapproved. PCS eliminates the need for manufacturers to find a healthcare construction project to get their systems reviewed, not only saving time from repetitive plan review, but also greatly reducing the uncertainty of receiving approval.


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If you have questions regarding the PCS program please send an email to PPCS@hcai.ca.gov

PCS List by Certification Number

OSHPD Preapproved Prefabricated Components and Systems (PCS) NumberManufacturerProduct NameApproval DateVersion NumberComments
PCS-0002Simpson Strong-TieSimpson Strong-Tie Yield Link Moment Connection6/15/2022v1.0See Attachment
PCS-0003SurePodsSurePods Preafabricated Bathroom Pods3/21/2022v1.0See Attachment
PCS-0004DuraFuse Frames, LLCDuraFuse Frames09/18/2023v1.0See Attachment
PCS-0005FyfeFRP, LLCTyfo FRP SystemsIn ReviewIn ReviewIn Review
PCS-0006Taylor Devices, Inc.Taylor Damped Moment FrameIn ReviewIn ReviewIn Review
PCS-0007Simpson Strong-TieComposite Strengthening System (CSS)In ReviewIn ReviewIn Review


If you would like to request accessible versions of Preapproval documents please email the FDD Webmaster.