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HCAI Launches Health Care Payments Data Program’s First Public Report

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The Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) has launched the Health Care Payments Data (HPD) Program’s first public report – the HPD Snapshot. The HPD System is intended to support greater health care cost transparency and will be used to inform policy decisions regarding the provision of quality health care, and to reduce health care costs and disparities.    

This initial report – the Snapshot – provides a wealth of information about what data is available in the HPD System, including the number of Californians represented, types of health care coverage (e.g., commercial, Medi-Cal, Medicare) and most common procedures and prescription drugs.   

This is just the start for HPD. Key milestones in coming months include the release of additional visualizations through the public reporting program and the launch of the data request process for non-public data.   

Reaching this public reporting milestone has required the participation and contributions of many partners and stakeholders across California’s healthcare landscape, and continued engagement will be essential to maximizing the value of HPD for California.