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Monthly Update Video: Acting Director Marko Mijic Highlights HCAI’s Work in August

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HCAI Update — August 2020

Watch a special edition of the Department of Health Care Access and Information’s (HCAI) Monthly News Update as Acting Director Marko Mijic highlights HCAI’s work on its core mission in the face of a pandemic.

While HCAI assists in the fight against COVID-19, it continues to ensure healthcare facilities are safe, increase access to health professionals in underserved areas, and provide data to stakeholders and government to improve health care access, quality, and policy development.

In our video Director Mijic talks about HCAI’s work on creating hospital bed capacity for surges in COVID-19 patients, while at the same continuing to conduct plan review and field observation services for hospital construction projects. He also highlights new data programs, such as the Health Care Payments Data Program and Hospital Supplier Diversity Program.

This month’s video also discusses HCAI’s continued work in creating more access to health professionals in underserved areas and providing loan insurance for nonprofit healthcare facilities looking to expand and improve their facilities.

Learn about these topics and others in the Monthly News Update for August 2020.

Webpages to Programs Named in the Video:

Facilities Development Division

Health Care Payments Data Program

Hospital Supplier Diversity Program

Cal-Mortgage Loan Insurance Program

Loan Repayment Programs