HCAI Special Seismic Certification Preapproval (OSP) by Category

Emergency and Standby Power Systems

Automatic Transfer Switches

Manual Transfer Switches

Emissions After-Treatment

Fuel Tanks


Generator Control Panels

Paralleling Switchgear Controls

Remote Radiators

Elevator Equipment

Elevator Control Panels

Elevator Controllers

Components with Hazardous Content

Exhaust/Smoke Control Fans


Switchgear – Low Voltage

Switchgear – Medium Voltage


Motor Control Centers

Motor Control Centers – Low Voltage

Motor Control Centers – Medium Voltage

Fluoroscopy and Radiography Systems

CT Systems

Air Conditioning Units

Air Conditioning Units – Custom

Air Conditioning Units – Data Room

Air Conditioning Units – Inline Fans and Terminal

Air Conditioning Units – Packaged

Air Conditioning Units – Split

Air Filters

Fan Coil Units

Humidification Systems

Variable Air Volume Units

Air Handling Units



Chillers – Absorption

Chillers – Air Cooled

Chillers – CT Scanner

Chillers – Water Cooled


Heat Exchangers

Cooling Towers


Transformers – Dry Type

Transformers – Liquid Filled

Electrical Substations

UPS and Batteries


Battery Chargers

Flywheel Energy Storage Systems

Lighting Inverter Systems




Power Distribution Units (PDU)

Industrial Control Panels

Boiler Control Panels

Building Automation Systems

Fuel Systems Control Panels

HVAC Control Panels

Pump Control Panels

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and Starters

Control Panels

Power Isolation and Correction Systems

Grounding Systems

Power Isolation and Correction Systems

Motorized Surgical Lights

Motorized Operating Table Systems

Internal Communication Servers and Routers

Servers & Routers

Wireless Communication Systems

Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems

Medical Air and Vacuum Systems

Medical Gas Systems

Electrical Busways

Electrical Control Panels on Life Safety/Critical Branch

Fire Alarm & Security Panels

Fire Protection & Security Panels

Lighting Control Panels

Medical System Control Panels

Nurse Call Systems


Biological Safety Cabinets

  • OSP-0247: Baker (Cancelled)

IV Fluid Warmers

High-Capacity Ultrafiltration (HUF) Systems

Heat Pump Water Heater